What’s Love got to do with medicine?

You may think love is something special you find, something you share, or something you do… but the plain, basic truth when we think about it scientifically is that Love is… Energy.

That’s it. Nothing special! Well, it actually is incredibly special. Every energy has a distinct vibration. It has an effect. It moves things and changes them. Energy makes you feel a certain way depending on the frequency. It just so happens that the frequency of love has a powerful healing force that not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but can instantly heal disease. That’s right, literally, Love cures cancer.

There are decades of scientific studies demonstrating the power of love to heal the body. There are “prayer studies” where researchers assigned monks to send love to a group of hospitalized patients, and had a control group of patients who were not sent love. The prayed-for patients had shorter hospital stays, less complications and less need for medication than the not-prayed-for patients. Interestingly, the patients had no idea they were being included in a study or prayed for.

Does this demonstrate the healing power of Love?

Other love studies were done where mothers were allowed to physically nurture and hold their newborn preemie babies, while another group of babies were isolated in an incubator. The nurtured babies did better, healed faster, and required less interventions than the isolated babies.

Does that demonstrate the power of Love?

Lastly, studies have shown that patients hospitalized after traumatic brain injury who were surrounded by loving family in the intensive care unit, recovered faster and were more likely to survive than patients with similar injuries who were without visiting family.

Does love help the body heal?

When you think of love as a feeling, a relationship, or a thing, it’s hard to understand how it could possibly have an effect on your cells, your body, or your health. However, when you understand that love is an energy that has vibration and affects every cell in your body, it becomes easy to understand that Love can have a healing affect on your cells.

The truth is, the frequency of love can be felt, and has been shown to immediately increase hormones like oxytocin, endorphins and antioxidants. This assists cellular repair, improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and helps toxic waste get dumped out of the body. So it’s easy to understand how this would support healing.

How can you harness the healing power of love?

Remember 2 things:
–You cannot find love, you must create it. Stop looking for love outside of you, and start creating it inside.
–The only way you can receive love is to first love yourself. It may be nice when it comes from others, but the capacity to have that happen can only come from you!

So whether you want to help your body reverse disease, lose weight, and feel vibrant…OR you want to enjoy a fun, loving connection with other people…it doesn’t matter. Find ways to cultivate the power of love in your life now.

Here are 3 steps:
1. Love You. We’re going to get right to it, the hard and direct way because there’s not much time. Look yourself in the mirror, right in the eyes. Put your hand over your heart, and say: “I love you.” Keep looking. Mean it. (Did you do it?) Out loud! Yes, really!

Too simple? This exercise will rock your world. It’s for warriors only and you will never be the same.

2. Ask How You’re Doing
Forget about checking your phone, email, and social media 20 times a day. YOU are the most important person in your life, and your relationship with yourself is the only thing that really matters.

Every time you go to check in with your “world,” start instead checking in with yourself. Close your eyes, bring your attention into your body, and FEEL what’s going on. Is there tightness in your back, fluttering in your stomach, aching in your chest? Is there sadness? Is there longing? Is there despair?

There really is nothing more important and more healing than the gift of your own attention. Would you be willing to give this to yourself even for just a few minutes a day? You’re dying for it. Say yes!

Set your alarm for 3 times daily to check in with yourself and do that 1 minute assessment.

3. Agree to Love Everything
You know all those unacceptable parts you keep hidden? Maybe it’s your big thighs, your varicose veins, a pimple? Or maybe it’s the secret shame, fear or depression you keep trying to get over. Stop pushing these away and start giving them your love and acceptance.

I know this might seem crazy, like it’s going to make these problems worse because you stop trying to fix them, end them, or solve them. That’s okay because, guess what? Love has the power to heal your life.

Love everything that comes up just for 1 week. Every time you feel overwhelmed, send your body love. Every time you think of your awful thighs, send your body love. Every time your lover hurts you and you feel broken, send yourself and your friend love. Practice love and you will find that not only does it heal your body, but you develop the ability to shine this love to everything in your life and allow it to transform.

Am I telling you to stop taking medications, using diet tricks, and protecting yourself so others don’t hurt you?…..Just love yourself for asking this question and answer it yourself.

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