PHILIPPINES – A homeopathic doctor believes that cancer is caused by negative emotions. For instance, cancer in the left breast is born out of a loss, and femininity issues. Cancer in the right breast is spurred by conflicts with the opposite sex.

Cancer in the small intestines is a result of prolonged depression. Anger, meanwhile, can result in cancer in the large intestine.

Positive and negative experiences and impressions can thus have an impact on physical functions. Feelings of anger, worry or sorrow can subsequently make the body more vulnerable.

On the other hand, when the patient awakens its spiritual identity or begins to understands itself as a life force and attunes itself to love and hope, healing can begin.

Trying to stay positive

Being positive and thinking positively can help you cope with cancer, but it is natural to also feel upset and frightened sometimes.

People with cancer are often encouraged to be positive. But it is not always very easy. Living with cancer and its treatment can be frightening. There will be times when you might feel low and worried about your future.

What being positive means

You can be positive and think positively without always feeling cheerful or optimistic. 

It means recognising some of the fearful possibilities that can arise from having cancer. Thinking positively also recognises the importance of hope whatever your situation. 

Even if your cancer is advanced, some treatments might relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. 

Feeling upset and frightened can be a sign of strength and may reflect your courage in facing up to an uncertain future. But sometimes it can help to try to change negative thoughts into something more positive when they come into your head. This takes practice.

Expressing your feelings

This doesn’t mean that you always have to stop yourself feeling down. It is important to allow yourself to experience your feelings.

It is fine to cry if you need to. If you feel very angry, find a safe way to express this.

You could try exercise or listening to very loud music. Sometimes they really can help. 

Don’t let your imagination run away with you

A good rule of thumb is to stick to what you know is true.

If you keep thinking that your life will never be any good again because of your cancer, you don’t know that this is true. Most people with cancer do go through some negative feelings during their treatment, but in time things do usually get better.

Your support network

Make sure that you have a good support network of positive people around you, such as close friends and family, doctors and nurses, or a counsellor. These people can really help lift your spirits and be there when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to how you are feeling.

You may be surprised at how much talking to others can help.

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